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07/27/15 10:00 AM #72    


Gail Presson (Hubbard)

I hope you are able to get in touch with Dave.  I would love to touch base with him.   One of my favorite people.  

07/30/15 06:03 AM #73    


Linda Geary (Bernheim)

I've begun adding the information available to the "In Memory" pages as time permits.  So far, updates have been made to the pages for Berverly Blumberg Massone, Joycelyn Davis, James Jonker, Reinhardt Klinefelter, Michael Lusk, Warren Maaske, Dave Marks, and Joyce Philbrick Shaw. I'll continue to add to these pages, over the next few weeks, and encourage you each to add your remembrances and comments about those who can't be with us at the 50th Reunion.


07/30/15 06:27 PM #74    

Phillip Jones


 thank you for this most gracious act .  It very much helps with the perspective of Life & time lines .

Thank you,Regards  Phil Jones

08/26/15 08:34 AM #75    


Donald Segraves

If anybody has any of the Oak Park Elementry Alumni group photos taken at the reunion, could they please post them? I would like to see the people who were in the group. I was brought up to the group at the last minute and then about a half dozen people were taking photos, but I havent seen any yet. Would sure appreciate it. 

Also if nobody knows yet, the school was torn down last year sometime. Dont know what will go there in its place. Knowing how city govt's run, probably nothing or a housing project, maybe. Who know's? Lots of good memories.

08/26/15 10:47 AM #76    

Jacqueline Wilson (Shepler)

Hi Don - I posted them on the reunion photo gallery - just click on my pix - I think they are some where in the middle - Jackie

10/19/15 05:27 PM #77    


Christine Killion

So after the Niners game last night the TV was still on and as I walked back into the room, there bigger than life was Timmy Harrinson (sorry Tim, it's how I always think of you).  They had a special half hour program on Tim and his Canyon Inn and his special relationship with the team.

Here are a couple of pics I took of the TV image:

While watching, I kept nudging my poor husband and saying - That is my first boyfriend from 6th grade!!!


10/20/15 09:31 AM #78    

Kathryn Fine

Go Tim!  I'd love to see that piece.  Maybe on uTube?   Thanks for sharing that, Chris. 

10/20/15 09:36 AM #79    

Ronald Pring

Christine, Tim was a great chose for your sixth grade boyfriend. I can’t remember ever seeing Tim without the Tim Harrison smile.  Which I see, Tim still has smiley.  

10/20/15 09:56 AM #80    

Barbara Murray (Schatz)

Chris, I saw that too! What a hoot, now we must make a pilgrimage to Tim's place in honor of him being a celebrity!! You go Tim!

10/20/15 10:01 AM #81    


Sherry Pena (Mesker)

Hi Everyone! 

To view Tim's oh so fun (!) footage:

(This is from memory! Giggle)  Enjoy!


10/20/15 11:35 AM #82    


Donald Segraves

I may be wrong, but wasn't there an episode of Hotel Impossible involving the Canyon Inn? I think it was maybe Canyon Something and may have been near Yosemite. Not sure.

10/20/15 11:52 AM #83    


Sherry Pena (Mesker)

Don, was THE SHINING filmed there? Were you able to view Tim's video?

10/20/15 04:14 PM #84    


Christine Killion

Sherry, thanks I was able to pull the video up. You do have an awesome memorywink Oh, The Canyon Inn is no where near Yosemite, but in Redwood City

Kathy, check out the link Sherry posted.  And yes, you and Barb and I have to plan a trip there next time you are up in the bay area!

10/21/15 04:09 PM #85    

Janice Barr (Daw)

You can also watch Tim Harrison on Comcast Sports Channel #720. The name of the program is called The Faithful. Tim called me the other night to watch it but it did not come up so he had his co-worker call me. Tim is not very computer savy and between his co-worker and myself we are trying to get him on the PH website. Wish me luck. Barbara/Chris lets go to his restaurant sometime.

06/10/16 08:03 PM #86    


Linda Geary (Bernheim)

Just a reminder that the PHHS All-Class picnic is Sunday August 21, 11-5 at Pleasant Oaks Park.  That's the same place as last year for those of you who attended - right across from the entrance to the old PHHS.  Hope to see you there!!

06/11/16 06:33 PM #87    


Sammy Ruth Hall (Kuhl)

Thanks Linda. I put it on my calendar. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone elseā™”

08/12/16 06:22 AM #88    


Lynn Schuetz (Phillips)

Those attending the picnic have a great time!  Unfortunately, I have a previous commitment up at Lake Almanor.  Will be thinking of all of you.  Really great connecting with everyone on this site!  Have a good rest of your summer.

08/17/16 07:42 PM #89    


Fred Jacobs

I wanted to let the class know that I've been fortunate in having my work in three gallery shows this summer:

Graton Gallery -  Three prints 8/17-9/25

Occidental Gallery -  Four prints thru 9/10

Sebastopol Arts Center -  One print thru 9/4

Several of these have been posted to this site from time to time.

Take a ride to beautiful Sonoma county , see a show, & feel free to come by Bloomfield & say hi!


08/19/16 01:04 PM #90    


Christine Killion

I think that a few more of you are going to the picnic on Sunday than the 5 of us who have "registered" here on our website.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of those who do show up.

08/25/16 08:25 PM #91    


Sherry Pena (Mesker)

LOCKED UP ABROAD by David Kunkel is an exciting read and highly recommended by Bob Endres, Tom Dundas and me! You, too, can enjoy a personalized copy.  Requests may be sent directly to Dave at: P O Box 670435, Chugiak, Alaska 99567. $25 for one book; $20 each for 2 or more. (This is waaay easier than attending one of his book signings!)  He would LOVE to hear from his classmates!

08/25/16 08:35 PM #92    

Robert (Bob) Endres

Sherry is spot on. Excellent read. A movie could be made. Missed his book-signing in Anchorage, though.

08/25/16 08:45 PM #93    

Robert (Bob) Endres

Sherry adds that Dave prefers cash.


08/26/16 10:51 AM #94    


David Strachan

I looked up the book on Amazon and one can purchase it in paperback for under $7!

08/26/16 11:10 AM #95    


Sherry Pena (Mesker)

David, that IS a bargain price, however, what is a signed copy from a former classmate worth? Giggle! Mr. Kunkel would appreciate our support. However the book is purchased, get ready for a crazy "ride!"

08/26/16 11:50 AM #96    


Christine Killion

And here is a picture of the cover of David's book:

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