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Timothy Conger

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03/29/15 06:43 PM #8    

David Strachan

Ahh, Tim Conger.  What a great guy!  I've been waiting to see what bubbles up before writing something.  So sad to learn of his cancer but glad he made it to 1998?   I remember playing junior varsity basketball with him and how impressed I was that he could make the basket from such a long shot when I had trouble doing it so close!  I remember his energy, smile, kindness to me.  Has it really been 30 years since I saw him last.  I think I saw him at our 20th reunion???  Peace and care to his loved ones and family.............................

03/31/15 12:05 PM #9    

Kathy Conger (Jimenez)

Dearest Tim, my loving and sweet brother...a public note to you. In this Holy Week of Easter my thoughts are even closer to you than ever.  How can I reach out and hug you, kiss you and tell you how much you mean to me...I can't physically...only by prayer. 

You left Ginny and I on July 27,1998 as we held your hands. Nothing has been the same since then. Yes, as they say life goes on...but it changes forever. 

How blessed I was to have you for a older brother...more than I can express. You left me a gift when you went, you left me Ginny whom I love as a sister. God bless you, my brother as you rest in peace.

03/31/15 05:16 PM #10    

Michelle Dell'Ergo (Aiken)

Kathy, I have tears on my cheeks reading your post. He was such a wonderful guy. Why do these things happen ? Life can be hard for those of us left behind. Love you lots, Michelle

04/01/15 09:23 PM #11    

Virginia (Ginny) Gragg (Conger)

It is so touching to read all the wonderful memories shared by our classmates. Tim was, indeed, a "Man Among Men!" And I was blessed to have shared his love and zest for life, his positive attitude, his big heart and many fun adventures for forty five years. My best friend, my soulmate, the father of our wonderful son, Aron. I see Tim in the father he was to our son, living on in the joyful father his son is to our lovely grand daughters and a wonderful Dad, as well. I meet so many former students of his who share how he made such a difference in their lives & self esteem. I am proud to say he was my Best Friend!

04/02/15 06:44 AM #12    

James (Jim) Belding

When we decided what name to give our son, we considered several things. First it had to be a name that we liked and we also considered people that we know that had that name. While I cannot say specifically that our son Tim is named after Tim, I can say that our feelings for Ginny's Tim played a large part in the naming. He had a large positive impact on everyone who knew him and we were lucky enough to be part of that group.

04/03/15 11:13 AM #13    

Barbara Bryant (Blume)

It is very touching to read these lovely comments about Tim. They brought forth the visual of Tim in his red varsity sweater walking down the halls of PHHS. He was ever friendly, smart,  cute, and an all around good guy.

07/15/15 01:44 PM #14    

Kristina Wigell (VanBlaricom)

When I was a freshman I was in " Love"  with Tim. One of the traditions at school was to ask a potential boyfriend if we could wear their sweater for a day. I was very shy but encouraged by my friends to follow thru.  I was able to overcome my fear and asked Tim if I could wear his.  I remember it was red. He was very kind to me and said yes.  I was thrilled. When I asked him though, it caused me to be late for my next class.  I ended up standing in the back of the room .   Of course it felt like everyone  turned around to stare at me as I walked in. I was so nervous my cheeks matched his sweater and I was shaking  like a leaf.

When the Walnut Festival came into town Tim asked me to go with him.  My parents said no and I became totally distraught.  I pleaded and pleaded with them to let me go.  I  remembered telling them that Tim's parents were taking us, thinking of course it would make everything OK.  I  wrote a letter to my parents which I still have, explaining why it was so important for me to go.  Even that didn't work.  I ran down the hall slammed my door, threw myself on my bed and cryed and cryed.  Young love, there is nothing quite like it.  Tim was caring, kind, smart, sweet and so cute.  For a brief moment in time our lives crossed.  I will always treasure my memories of him.


07/23/15 01:20 PM #15    

Dean Lenzi

I had the honor of saying goodbye to Tim that day in 1998, I was retiring and he was passing. He was still my best friend though I had not seen him for decades until I heard he was fighting for his life at Stanford. My Wife, Diane Babcock Lenzi and I saw him several times until his passing and tried to provide support while catching up on those years we were too far apart to connect, we live in Pleasant Hill. He was the same friend I played basketball with and rode motorcycles with years before, just stuck in bed. I miss him still and will always think of him and Ginny as days go by. Thanks Tim, and Ginny, for letting me be there.

07/24/15 05:36 PM #16    

Virginia (Ginny) Gragg (Conger)

Dean you were a dear & trusted friend for Tim. If I remember correctly he successfully negotiated a meeting for you & Diane & the rest of the story is your "happily ever after" with Diane. You were so good to visit often in those 9 months  Tim fought to recover from the effects of the experimental treatments that saved his life 30 years before. And being far from our home, fighting that fight with him,  you both were a Godsend for me. I look forward to catching up with you at the reunion! Gnny

08/11/15 01:49 PM #17    

Janice Dryer (Heide)

Tim was a dear friend of ours (my husband Pat Heide) since high school.  We visited with and traveled with him and Ginny for many years.  We are privileged to be his son Aron's godfather.  Pat and I also had the honor to be with Tim for his last few hours, along with our daughters Christie and Julie, before passing on.  We have wonderful memories of our times together.  

Tim was a very kind and caring person and we have missed him over these past 17 years.  

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