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Patricia Hutch (Derr)

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02/11/15 02:39 PM #7    

Suzanne Crosby (Roberts)

I was very sad to hear of Pat's death.  She was one of the kindest people I remember from my high school days.  She was always smiling as she passed you in the corridor and and I know she is dearly missed. 

02/11/15 08:45 PM #8    

Michelle Dell'Ergo (Aiken)

I'm relieved to finally know that Pat's brother didn't harm her. After it happened, I read he was a suspect but that was all I knew back then. Happy to be corrected on this. Pat and I went to the same church. She was a great girl !!



02/12/15 01:39 PM #9    

Barbara (Barb) Ostrander (Natland)

This is a more general item pertinent to the death of Pat Hutch.  We have news items from the Deseret News from 1992 and 1993 that describe what happened and the disposition of the murder case.  We will be happy to send them separately to anyone interested ( or, but although they are in the public domain, we do not wish to post them on this web site.  At this point, we will simply say that Pat's brother was NOT involved.  It is a tragic story, and because of it everyone who remembers Pat will certainly feel more than the usual sense of loss for someone so bright, sunny, talented and full of life.

-Barb and Jim


02/13/15 12:20 PM #10    

David Finster

Barbara and Jim--
Thank your for the information you e-mailed to me about Pat's murder. It is helpful to know conclusively that neither brother, nor ex-husband, nor any family member was connected with her death. In response to feelings of renewed grief for her loss to an act of senseless violence, I intend to commit a random act of senseless kindness, and invite anyone else to do likewise, so that through us, Pat's own kindly spirit may continue to bless and comfort this sad world.
Dave Finster

02/17/15 04:45 AM #11    

Dianne Wood

What a lovely gal she was. I was shy and she was kind. The transfer to PHHS was difficult for me and she welcomed me early in our freshmen year. I thank God for her life.

02/22/15 06:19 PM #12    

Joanne McLean (Nussen)


I remember Pat and feel so badly about her death.  I really liked her.  She was a really wonderful person, always smiling and friendly.  I regret that I didn't keep up with her beyond high school.  I only know that I feel she certainly didn't deserve the way her life ended. Rest in Peace Pat.


04/04/15 07:28 AM #13    

Kathy Conger (Jimenez)

I was sorry to hear of Pat's death, what a loss. I can only think she's been in a much better place. God bless you, Pat.

04/05/15 10:06 AM #14    

Barbara Bryant (Blume)

I have been saddened by the deaths of so many of our classmates. I did not know Pat was murdered until now.What a shame. I remember her as very sweet, smiling, and smart. She had so much going for her. God bless you Pat.

05/07/15 11:51 AM #15    

Jacqueline Wilson (Shepler)

Pat was a wonderful person. We had many good times together: Girl Scouts, camp, swimming in her pool, taking violin lessons together. She was an exchange student to Egypt and I treasure the letters she wrote to me while she was there. The last time I saw her was (was it the 10th reunion?), she looked beautiful and vivacious in a bright red dress. A dear friend, a tragic loss.





05/24/15 05:33 PM #16    

Barbara (Barb) Ostrander (Natland)

Patti was my best friend from 7th grade on...We were joined at the hip during our high school years.  My memories of Patti are endless and filled with deep love and infinite respect.  She was one of the kindest people I have ever known.  We raced each other in friendly academic competition all through high school.  It was a merry dance to have lived along side Patti and to have known her.  Tears fill my eyes this Memorial Day weekend as thoughts wander back to the days of yore when we played and laughed together filling each others' lives with joy.  I miss you sweet P.  I salute you dear friend.  Patti: No ka oi (the best)!  

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