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Linda Reseigh

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01/31/15 09:57 AM #1    

Karen Rice

Linda Reseigh

Linda and I met in seventh grade at Pleasant Hill Intermediate School, probably placed in the same homeroom because our last names were so close in alphabetical order (Reseigh, Rice). Although we were an unlikely looking pair, Linda short and me tall, we quickly became best friends.  Nice, nice, nice, good, good, good.  Even now, looking back 50+ years, those are still my deepest impressions of Linda. Somehow, I recognized that Linda embodied, and, down to her core, simply understood, what it meant to be a friend - and reliable friends were especially important during those adolescent years. I could count on Linda without knowing I was counting on her.  She was solid, no drama, kind-hearted, and seemingly rolled easily with the life of a teenager and young adult. I always remember Linda “being there” without even thinking what that meant.

Linda was fun.  She laughed easily.  She came from a fun family. There was always joking with her parents, who attended the Baptist church that used to be on Oak Park Blvd., next to Pleasant Hill Elementary School. Linda was active in Job’s Daughters and community work as she got older. Mostly, we just did normal stuff for that age (volunteered as candy stripers, attended football games), although the activities changed as we got older and a little more confident (met boys!). 

It was a horrifying shock when Linda died at age 21 in an automobile accident.  What a terrible loss, what sadness. Her cousin Dianne of the same age, who attended College Park High and now lives in Indiana, summed up the essence of Linda, “ She was a sweet loving woman who loved her family and friends very much and would do anything for you to help out in anyway.”  Linda’s sister Donna named her daughter, whom Linda never got to meet, after Linda.  I hope that was a comfort to her dear parents.  Linda’s life was too short; I was lucky to have stumbled into it during very important years and, even now, I still miss her.

Karen Rice





01/31/15 01:07 PM #2    

Linda Razzano (Carroll)

Well said..

02/25/15 08:04 AM #3    

Dianne Wood

Karen, you said it all. Thank you. I remember joining your group when Nancy Seaton got a car and drove us all to school and to football games. You were good friends to me. Yes, Linda died far too young.


05/11/15 09:23 AM #4    

Patricia Wanek (Heller)

As a journalism student, I was completing an internship at the Contra Costa Times the summer of 1968.  As the "newbie", and because at the time there were about six people on the entire staff, I was assigned weddings, births and obituaries (among some actual reporting duties) and had to call the mortuaries daily.  All these years later, I still recall the shock of taking Linda's obituary over the phone, trying not to cry, and then having to write it.   I cannot tell you how often I have told this sad story to journalism students over the years.  Based on my memory, I think it's accurate to say she passed in 1968.

05/11/15 10:57 AM #5    

David Finster

Pat, I feel for you...That is so hard. Twenty-five years as a local church minister, and the hardest part was having to be "official" when it was your friends who died.

05/12/15 08:00 AM #6    

Linda Geary (Bernheim)

Pat's memory is correct , Linda was born August 21, 1947 and died August 19, 1968 according to the California Death Index.  Much too young!

05/13/15 02:45 PM #7    

Dianne Wood

Thank you, Karen. I was in the the Concord Bethel 266. So much of my PHHS life had ties with Mt Diablo HS. But that last year, when Nancy had a car, I certainly enjoyed our times with Linda. You sweetly filled in my Linda memories, and more...



02/11/17 10:58 AM #8    

Theodor (Ted) Roluffs

Karen:  You said it all. God bless you.. I was just looking through the list of all the classmates we have lost and came across Linda's.. Ihave to recall people by their pictures.  Blessings to you all.. Ted Roluffs

02/12/17 05:43 AM #9    

Nancy Seaton (Parle)

Linda is still a part of my life, if only in my good memories. I recall the fun times - lots of laughter - and the strong ties she had with her family. She was a loyal friend and it was devastating to lose her. As I think about it, there is no one else who has ever been the kind of friend she was. 

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