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Norman Tosh

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02/27/15 11:20 AM #3    

Greg Bayol

My memory is that Norm was killed in a head on accident in the Caldecott Tunnel. A drunken driver. They were building the second bore. Norm was driving his big red pick-up. It was shortly after graduation. - Well, 1968. These are really sad memories no matter the details. So many have done so well. We can only imagine how successful those who did not live a full life would have been. 


02/27/15 05:00 PM #4    

Linda Geary (Bernheim)

The California Death Index shows that Norman G. Tosh, born 13-Jun-47, died  3-Oct-68. Much too short a life!  I've been unable to find on-line any obituary or report of his death.  Since it was well before the "internet age" this isn't too surprising.  Perhaps Greg, with his knowledge of "things highway" in the Bay Area can find something about accident to which he refers.

02/27/15 05:31 PM #5    

Virginia (Ginny) Gragg (Conger)

Since Tim and Norm were close, I have a bit more information. Norm died from the same kind of Cancer that Tim survived for 30 years, after Norm passed away. Tim had a sweet story to tell of them both eating popsicles together at UCSF Medical Center (where they both had radiation treatments in 1968, which caused them both to be violently ill after each treatment) and jokingly planning their escape on Norm's motorcycle. Unfortunately, if my memory is correct, Norm died in 1969. Ginny

02/27/15 05:33 PM #6    

Virginia (Ginny) Gragg (Conger)

But Tim went to Humboldt State to play football as a Freshman, not San Jose, and they never did room together. Ginny

03/02/15 01:50 PM #7    

Michelle Dell'Ergo (Aiken)

Norms father died in a car crash. He lived with the Coffins while their son Brent was on his church mission. When Brent Coffin got home Norm left. Velda Coffin is a good friend of mine [ since I was 4 yrs.] and some school or cancer research org. stayed in contact with her because they thought that three boys with the same cancer who had close contact was a weird coincidence. Velda still lives on Mohawk Dr. in P.H. We were neighbors on that street for years after I was married.

05/18/15 11:18 PM #8    

Robert (Bob) Endres

Fortunately, I was able to spend a week's leave hanging with Norm before going to the Philippines.  He was very thin, but still had the heart of a lion. We also a great party at Tom Dundas' house. Miss you Norm.

05/19/15 07:24 PM #9    

John Bailey

I met Norm at PHHS playing football, he was a great guy!  Sorry to hear about his death after I got out of the Army.


05/21/15 07:08 PM #10    

Dianne Wood

Norm certainly enlivened mr White's Spanish ! class. He call Senor Blanco, "Mr Flaco".


05/22/15 10:52 AM #11    

Jacqueline Wilson (Shepler)

I don't have memories of Norm, but I did grow up next door to the Coffins on Masefield.  Brent's dad was in the FBI, which really impressed me!  Brent went to UC Santa Barbara and I was so stunned to hear he had cancer. I remember Velda very well.  To my young eyes she seemed very sophisticated .

05/23/15 08:38 PM #12    

Michelle Dell'Ergo (Aiken)

The Coffins moved to Mohawk Dr. in '75. I was preg at the time with my daughter.  Velda still lives there.  Don passed away but I don't remember when. Maybe 5-8 years ago? Just a guess. They stayed with us during the 2002 Olympics when they were in Utah. They went to some of the events.  They are and were wonderful people. We went to the same church. Like I said before, Norm lived with them while Brent was on his mission for the LDS church.

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