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Scott Squires

Scott Squires

Scott died July 12, 2015 in Grants Pass Oregon. Van U'Ren (Class of 64) reports "Scott's passing was from a heart attack due to all the years of pain he suffered from his Vietnam wounds."

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07/23/15 10:01 AM #21    

Alan Zacharin

As Fred said, this one strikes very close to home.  I was saddened all the more to read Van's comment about Scott's years of suffering.  It truly gives meaning to the too-often (by me too) tossed out phrase, "rest in peace."  Perhaps you are finally, Scott.

07/23/15 10:40 AM #22    

Dianne Wood

Thank you all for sharing. Scott was in several classes with me. I always liked him a lot. Dianne


07/23/15 01:26 PM #23    

Paul Lamborn

I met  Scott in the 7th grade  and one memory stands out like I am still standing there. It was Scott at a high teen dance sourounded by a circle of kids. He was dancing up a storm and I can remember being so impressed that he had the confidence to dance solo in front of a group like that. Memories are funny i can still see his face. I saw him again at one of the reunions where he told me of going through hell in vietnam, Yes Scott was unique!

07/23/15 08:21 PM #24    

David Finster

As Don said, "Welcome Home". I know that many people did jobs that were not what you might expect, in Vietnam, including a good friend who was in the Navy, but had a job that you would have expected to be Army. So Scott in the Navy, but with Montagnards is not unlikely, especially if he had been to the Defense Lnguage School in Monterey, like my other friend had been.

Rest in Peace, brother...

07/23/15 08:25 PM #25    

David Finster

Jan is right on target about those health issues. A knowledgeable VA employee told a group of us that Vietnam vets in their sixties have the health problems one would expect of people in their eighties.

07/24/15 10:22 AM #26    

Linda Razzano (Carroll)

Scott was just a sweetheart. It's staggering and painful to know how he suffered all these years.

07/24/15 11:25 AM #27    

Pamela (Pam) Burnham

Scott was one of my secret high school crushes. I am quite saddened that his life was cut short because of a war that in my opinion should never have been. Vietnam was such a tragedy on many levels. I knew 2 young men who fought and to this day are unable to function well on a day-to-day basis; barely managing their lives; both having expressed a wish that at some level they were no longer part of it. My sympathies go to his family for what seems like Many years of suffering both on their part and on Scott's.  

07/24/15 05:20 PM #28    

Virginia (Ginny) Gragg (Conger)

It is sad to be reminded of all the suffering and loss for those of our era who served our Country in that war. My heart goes out to you your families and friends. Ginny

09/29/15 09:25 AM #29    

Sherry Pena (Mesker)

Even in elementary school, Scott was confident and fun. I can still picture him stepping out of a pew at Holy Communion wearing COWBOY BOOTS! The visual memory makes me smile.

03/14/17 09:31 AM #30    

Theodor (Ted) Roluffs

Even though this is late, my prayers are with Scott's family.  I was in classes with Scott during our Elementary school years and our Freshman year in HS.. RIP Scott.. Ted Roluffs

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